Commercial Access Control systems to fit your company

Why do you need an Access Control system?

  • As a result, you manage your time and cost control more efficiently
  • Because different employees have separate permissions as well as access rights.
  • You need to who is coming and going from you business and in what areas. 
  • Enhance your day to day abilities with an automated system.

Turple communications is a globally certified dealer of the Kantech door access control system. Turple Communications will design and install your custom commercial access control solution for you with:

  1. Bio metrics
  2. Variety of access options
  3. Compatible with theoretically any type of door controller
  4. unbeatable video and intrusion integration
  5. Web client access
  6. Progressive solutions in the ease to deploy, configure and manage.
Unlike other systems the Kantech system will grow with your company, above all giving you the complete security solution you need. 
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