Turple Communications offers Lone worker technology within the two way ratio and PTT systems. Lone worker safety works when the radio senses when the user has made a transmission within a given period of time. When there has in fact been no activity within that given period the system will send out an alert. The lone worker if okay will then acknowledge the alert by pressing a button which will reset the timer again. When the alert isn’t answered then the system will send a emergency alert out within a predetermined time and another staff member can call out their location and or situation so people can then take action for the lone worker. This will minimize the liability  and increase safety of having workers be alone in certain work zones while as well adding another level of safety within your work place. There is a “man down” function of which will cause the system to send out a emergency alert if the system is tipped on its side for a prolonged period of time. The system will alert the user by a beep so they can put it right side up again or call a member of staff if this does not happen. Being a lone worker has many danger factors associated, minimize the worry and keep your workers safe at the workplace. 

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