Shooter detection in the most advanced form. The system will be able to simultaneously detect gun fire. Not only that but the system will instantly send the information through the designated building and floor plan.


This advanced shooter detection system is the most advanced across Nova Scotia. Once a gun shot is detected the system will simultaneously send triggers through the systems and notify all essential personnel within the building. All while that is occurring, on every screen and monitor within the building a notification will pop up to let everyone know what is happening. Complete communication is essential when a instance such as this occurs. 

The first thing you need to do is have our tech align the system into your building and analyze the floor plans. From there the building will be aligned into the system to give the post accurate information possible. 

Unlike other systems this is a flexible solution of which can be utilized by a small business such as a school to a large corporation such as a government agency. 

Shooter secuirty
Shooter safety
Shooter safety

When Turple Communications installs the shooter detection system within your building you can expect. 

  • Full accuracy
  • Complete data processing
  • high speed response
  • high variety of integration options
  • built in testing and maintained
  • Optional maintenance agreements
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