Mine alert vehicle collision technology

Vehicle collisions on the work site is dangerous and very likely possibility. With everything you must look out for, you should have a secondary form of protection to ensure complete safety on the work site. The Collision awareness safety system will alert any equipment operators of potential collisions around them. Unlike other systems this collision awareness safety system has been tested and proved to minimize false alarms which can be a nuisance and provides operators with essential safety information at the times where they actually need it. The system provides many services to the worker such as: algorithms,simple display, immediate action, alarm zoning, no zero infrastructure needed, 360 focus and more! With all the hazards and dangers on the work site, don’t  be a cause to the next one. Take action today to ensure your safe tomorrow. State of the art Vehicle collision safety technology we can install anywhere in nova Scotia.

Vehicle safety

Mine alert vehicle collision technology has the capabilities to predict your vehicles path. The technology considers two vehicles that could potentially approach each other without posing a collision risk, helping with minimizing false alarms and only show the operators true risks. Path history capabilities provides a bread crumb trail to predict where the vehicle will go based on historical movements and patterns. All while addressing the most common vehicle collision scenarios such as take off, head on, speed limit , blind spots, etc. 

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