Analytic platform for enhanced performance

Video analytics makes proper use of your video footage. With the advanced and integrated technology. This video analytic platform will make your surveillance searchable, useful and above all monetized.

How it works

The Breifcam analytic platform rapidly increases our video review process. The review, research, real time reporting and facial recognition finally gives you quality insights to your security cameras.

Post event investigations are tedious not to mention take a prolonged amount of time to complete. With Breifcam installed by Turple communications you quickly detect and extract any information you need, therefor improving your post event productivity. Focusing on people , objects or areas with speed and accuracy, all you need int he security surveillance solution.

Call Today and we will show you how video analytics will enhance your work place surveillance system. Put your surveillance to use.

People Counting technology

Video analysis also possesses the ability to count the amount of individuals in your building at a time. Thsi si useful to analyze customer traffic and dwell times to properly schedule employees while as well giving you the ability to maximizes the effectiveness of your floor plans. 

This system can be useful in both large enterprise to small businesses. Have a maximum amount of people allowed within a single venue at a time. AI technology makes your job easier with smart people counting video analytic technology. 

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