Door Access

The key solution to manage access within your business. 

With the options of proximity cards, finger scanning, bio metrics, facial recognition, turnstiles and more. 

Keys are such a hassle that has been around forever, Try door access systems today and make your life easy.

Shooter Detection

Turple Communications can install for you the most advanced shooter detection system through Nova Scotia. Fully automated and proven shooter detection system to keep everyone in your building alert and informed. Keep you and your workers safe with shooter detection today. 

Shooter safety
temperature sensing

Temperature Sensing

Advanced AI intelligent temperature sensing and screening technology. Stay on top of Covid-19. Keep your workers and customer safe with temperature sensing. Alerts you automatically if someone walks in your building with a high body temperature of which can scan up to 30 people at once!

Video Analytics

It’s time to make use of your security footage. At the click of a button find anyone, any location and any event whenever you like. Best of all, enhance your productivity, don’t spend hours looking through surveillance footage when you can in the matter of minutes with video analytic technology installed by Turple Communications. Now including people counting technologies to give you the in site of customer and employee traffic through your building.