Aruba Wireless Access Points for seamless cellular to wi-fi transitions

Contact Tracing

Wi-fi based contact tracing is an ability available to you in any Aruba access point. Aruba location services will bring to you an advanced contact tracing ability, inclusive of granular location and proximity dashboarding.

When users are moving throughout the work place the Aruba APs will then listen for the users, wi-fi devices or blue tooth tags. The location data will then be taken in and analyzed to be displayed on you cloud-based dashboard.

Why would you want contact tracing?

Once HR is informed that someone in the building is sick, they can easily confirm the contact minutes each individual has had with the sick person.
Heat mapping abilities can as well help identify the high traffic areas where staff may interact, therefor helping you pinpoint the areas that you will need to optimize space usage and enhance cleaning schedules for.

Indoor/Outdoor Access Points

indoor Access points aid when performance and simplicity of a wireless communications system matters. Aruba indoor access points maintain a persistent VPN connectivity with full tunneling capabilities, providing a secure routing of work traffic to maintain privacy and compliance throughout your business.

With your Aruba indoor access points you may easily use enterprise services using IAP-VPN for remote offices and mobile users. IT will then be able to quickly enable and scale the VPN service where they are needed most. Outdoor Aruba access points gives the same capabilities yet offers you seamless connectivity for large open venues to loading zones and parking lots. Point to point wireless options so you have a wi-fi mesh backhaul and 60ghz of speed to any adjacent buildings.

If you want the ability to scale your enterprise without being confined by your VPN capabilities. Give Turple Communications a call today.