The everyday business solution

Do you feel as though a door access system would be good for your business yet you just can’t afford the upfront cost of that type of system?

Even after you get the system do you worry about the cost if the system were to break down?

Do you want to maximize your productivity and safety?

Are you sick of carrying around a huge key chain not remembering what key was for what door?

Turple Communications now has the affordable solution for the small and medium sized businesses. 

How it works

Turple Communications is a globally certified dealer of the Kantech access control systems based in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. This is a advanced system with full integration capabilities so that it can grow as your company grows. 

If you are a person who wants more control of who is coming and going
through your business, or simply want each employee to have different access while all in one knowing where everyone is at a specific time, switch over to access control. Imagine being able to remote in and automatically lock and unlock doors by the click of a button, its that easy.

Door access systems create a safe environment for workers, knowing that only those that are supposed to are in the building. Be on top of your real time monitoring and cost control. Available in blue tooth, Ioprox cards, bio metric sand more!

Not only that but you can get this system at a pay as you go plan with no money down. Call today for more information and pricing. 

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