Push to talk

Advanced pay as you go push to talk solution


Turple communications is now offering a 1:1 or group based pay as you go push to talk option. There is 8 various talk groups you can choose from, each with a  multi-way talk that will support 250 members in it. It is as simple as requesting a quote and informing on how many devices you would like included and we will send you the set up link for each device of which can be used on a  computer, tablet or phone. 

Real time data and communication through the workplace at the push of a button. Real time tracking of all the push to talk devices for your company and or department! Inclusive of voice recording options,  bread crumb tracking And many more features included.

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Other Features

    • User and Group Priority to control user access
    • Priority Broadcast Calling
    • Presence for Groups and Individual Contacts
    • Priority Calling and in-call pre-emption
    • Eight Talk Group Types
    • Account management via the handset or web
    • Encrypted Account Management Transactions
    • PC Based Dispatch Client for Windows
    • Direct interface to Public Safety and LMR networks
    • Late Join on Group Calls
    • Front Screen Contact and Group navigation
Included is an option of Sonim and smart phone devices to work with he application, the application and administrative assistance when needed. 

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