Lone Worker

Turple Communications offers Lone worker technology within the two way ratio and PTT systems. Lone worker safety works when the radio senses when the user has not made a transmission within a given period of time. The system can then keep sending out preset timed alerts and or if the system is flipped on its side to verify that the lone worker is in fact  okay.

Vehicle Collision

Vehicle collisions on the work site is dangerous and very likely possibility. With everything you must look out for, you should have a secondary form of protection to ensure complete safety on the work site. The Collision awareness safety system will alert any equipment operators of potential collisions around them. 

Vehicle safety
health care

Wander Management

Senior homes have many tenants, which means there is many people, medications and schedules you must take care of and stay on top of. Turple Communications installs a turnkey safety solution inclusive of a customized approach based on your needs. Save Time, money and stress and talk to Turple about the momentum wander management solution.

Shooter Detection

Turple Communications can install for you the most advanced shooter detection system through Nova Scotia.  Fully automated and proven shooter detection system to keep everyone in your building alert and informed. Keep you and your workers safe with shooter detection today. 

Shooter safety
temperature sensing

Temperature Sensing

Advanced AI intelligent temperature sensing and screening technology. Stay on top of Covid-19. Keep your workers and customer safe with temperature sensing. Alerts you automatically if someone walks in your building with a high body temperature of which can scan up to 30 people at once!