Security Consulting and Systems Design

Systems planning reduces losses, manages security, and ensures employee workstation safety.

Turple is composed of professional, knowledgeable, experienced and well-trained security systems consultants who provide well-designed security systems for protecting government and military installations, schools, universities, hospitals, banks, retail stores, offices, homes and more. Turple Communications works closely and directly with owners, architects, general contractors and property management companies.

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Turple collaborates seamlessly with Power BI, Project, Teams, and other cutting-edge systems design technologies

Turple Solutions

Turple Communications has been in the security industry for many years. We provide a complete variety of security design consulting and system planning services throughout Halifax and The Maritimes. Turple Communications has served industries like Health Care Units, Schools, University and College Campuses, Businesses, Construction Sites, Transportation Industries and many corporations. 

Our certified professionals have the ability and know how to design individual systems or fully integrated systems which include CCTV Systems, Intercom Systems, Access Control & Management, Alarm Systems and more. Our qualified technicians can work on strict requirements and have the highest standards.

Apartment Buildings, Condominiums, Transportation, Construction and more.

Turple implements security approaches associated with your company’s values, mission and vision, resulting in a more secure program support for your business/organization’s operations.

Turple can create the right balance between convenience and security for you and your business. You can implement security that goes with your organization’s unique culture, and make customers, guests and employees feel more safe and secure. With security systems planning, you can prevent theft, vandalism and burglary, and save you from spending money for worthless things. 

Trusted by leading companies and organizations and expanding.

Why Choose Turple?

Expertise and Custom Solutions

Tailored security solutions designed by industry experts.

Professional Installation

Reliable installation with ongoing maintenance and support.

Modern and Advanced Technology

Cutting-edge Avigilon cameras for superior performance and clarity.

Remote Monitoring and Integration

Real-time monitoring with seamless system integration.

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