Video Conferencing

Turple solutions empower workplace collaboration. We help teams collaborate from anywhere, without compromising on productivity or continuity.

At Turple, our goal is to make high-quality video meetings accessible and affordable
to every business and every individual. We want to video-enable every meeting room,
every workspace, and every home. This is the future of work. Work that is more engaging,
flexible, and collaborative on any platform. Work that helps people make a real connection,
wherever they are in the world.

Ensuring business continuity, employee welfare and workforce productivity are all top
priorities for companies of all sizes. Turple devices combined with your preferred cloud
conferencing provider allow your team to safely collaborate and make quick business
decisions through high-quality meeting experiences from any location. 

Our people-first mindset is why we’re loved by end-users and the first choice of IT leaders.
With beautifully simple solutions designed and priced for scale, we continually raise the bar
on customer experience. 

Turple Communications is proud to partner with Google Meet, Logitech RightSense, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Services are available in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and Sydney, Nova Scotia. As well as, Moncton, New Brunswick and Charlottetown, P.E.I.

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