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The cloud-based digital signage platform that helps you design, schedule and display content affordably & professionally from the web

Turple Gives Your Company Seamless Displays With Our Plug And Play Devices 

Restaurants, Bars, Transportation Industry, Offices, Educational, Retail, Events, Venues, Hospitality & Health Care

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What features do we offer?

  • Show many different types of media on one screen. Videos, Images, Microsoft Office Documents, Web Pages, YouTube videos, Live Stream videos and more
  • Simplistic start up. Make your content shine immediately, all you have to do is plug the player in and use the templates and widgets.
  • Set different content schedules all while monitoring various monitors.
  • You will have full control over the players and rely on all the advanced security features.

What you have to do

  • Request a quote and speak with a sales representative in order to let the technicians know how many players your will be needing and what subscription package you would like.
  • Arrange a time with the tech that they will be able to come in and install the players. They can help you navigate the system as well!
  • That is it – you are good to go!

Add your content

  • Use and reuse content by uploading any video or image of any file type, YouTube link and or any Web Page of your choosing.
  • Top grade security features to ensure your screens are secure.
  • Custom widgets to use! Need a price board, chart, or anything else? You have the option of variable widgets or can upload one of your own!

Set up

  • Easy to deploy as all you have to do is let our technicians know when you how many you would like, and we program and install them for you!
  • Turple Box included at monthly pricing (if you need a monitor as well pricing will differ)
  • You have the ability to use ethernet or wireless network inclusive of proxies, static Ips and more!

Easy to manage and develop

  • Straight forward and easy to use dashboard with a comprehensive management panel so you can easily control from one to a thousand monitors.
  • Dashboard can be used on mobile applications so you can quickly make changes on the go!
  • Drag and drop layout so you can easily edit your display.

Signage Assessment

A Assessment is an ideal way to evaluate your existing operations and the first step towards planning measures at your facility.

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