Special Project

Turple Communications Services offers tailored solutions to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your special project communications.

In today’s complex business environment, special projects often require heightened security measures and dedicated communication systems. Turple Communications Services offers tailored solutions to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your special project communications.

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Turple Services and Solutions

Our solutions are designed to grow with your business, easily adapting to your changing needs. We proudly serve commercial clients in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, and Sydney, Nova Scotia, as well as Moncton, New Brunswick, and Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Network Design

Secure Communication Systems

We provide state-of-the-art secure communication systems designed specifically for special projects. These systems employ end-to-end encryption, secure channels, and advanced authentication methods to protect sensitive information exchange. Our solutions ensure that your project team can communicate freely without the risk of interception or data breaches.

Temporary Access Management

For special projects requiring temporary team members, we offer robust access management solutions. Our systems allow you to grant and revoke access quickly and securely, ensuring that project information remains protected even as team composition changes. This flexibility allows you to maintain tight control over who can access sensitive project data throughout the project lifecycle

Alarm Systems
Cloud Infrastructure

Dedicated Project Networks

We design and implement dedicated network infrastructures for your special projects. These isolated networks provide an extra layer of security, separating project-related communications from your regular business traffic. Our networks are built with redundancy and resilience in mind, ensuring continuous availability for your critical project communications

Secure Video Conferencing

Our secure video conferencing solutions enable your project team to collaborate effectively, regardless of their physical location. We implement end-to-end encryption, secure access controls, and features like virtual waiting rooms to prevent unauthorized access to your project meetings


Mobile Security Solutions

For project team members who need to stay connected on the go, we offer comprehensive mobile security solutions. These include secure mobile devices, encrypted messaging apps, and virtual private network (VPN) services to ensure that project communications remain protected, even when team members are working remotely.

Network Cabling

We offer structured cabling solutions that ensure optimal performance and organization. Our services include the installation of Cat5e, Cat6, and fiber optic cables, along with comprehensive cable management. We also provide testing and certification to guarantee network integrity, ensuring your communication and security systems are supported by a reliable and efficient cabling infrastructure.

Network Infrastructure

Our network infrastructure solutions are designed to support high-speed, reliable internet and intranet connectivity. We design and implement robust network architectures that are scalable to accommodate business growth and secure to ensure continuous operation. Our infrastructure solutions provide the backbone for all your communication and security systems, ensuring they operate seamlessly and efficiently.

Why Choose Turple?

Expertise and Custom Solutions

Tailored security solutions designed by industry experts.

Professional Installation

Reliable installation with ongoing maintenance and support.

Modern and Advanced Technology

Cutting-edge Avigilon cameras for superior performance and clarity.

Remote Monitoring and Integration

Real-time monitoring with seamless system integration.

Enhance Your Commercial Security Today!

Don’t let security concerns compromise the success of your special projects. Partner with Turple Communications Services to implement robust, integrated security communication systems that protect your sensitive operations.