Innovative Traffic Solutions for Safer Roadways

Turple offers a variety of purchasing options for the public and private sector at the national and provincial levels, including government, education and law enforcement.



Whether You’re Responsible For The Safety Of Employees, Clients, Contractors Or The General Public – Reducing The Possibility Of Accidents Is Crucial To Help Keeping Your Organization & Municipality Safe And Protected. 


Turple Communications and TrafficLogix’s are proud to offer cutting-edge traffic calming solutions that are designed to enhance safety and improve traffic flow.



From Radar Speed Signs to Speed Humps, our innovative products are trusted by Municipalities, Schools, and Businesses nationwide. With customizable options and advanced technology, Turple offers a comprehensive suite of traffic safety solutions to meet your unique needs. Transform your roadways with durable, easy-to-install, weather resistant products that prioritize safety and sustainability for long-term use in various environments. 



Explore the full range of Turple Traffic Solutions and start creating safer roadways today.



Proudly serving Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and Sydney, Nova Scotia. As well as Moncton, New Brunswick and Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Extended Features

    • Variable message signs that can display dynamic messages based on real-time traffic conditions or events.
    • Integration with speed cameras or radar technology for real-time monitoring and enforcement.
    • Advanced data analytics and reporting tools for tracking traffic patterns, trends, and incidents.
    • Customization options for signage, messaging, and colors to match specific branding or messaging needs.
    • Solar-powered and wireless capabilities for easy installation and maintenance.
    • Remote monitoring and control options for adjusting settings and messaging from a central location.
    • Compatibility with cloud-based software for easy access to data and insights from anywhere.
    • Multi-language support for reaching diverse communities and populations.
    • Mobile units that can be easily deployed to different locations for temporary traffic control needs.
    • Integration with license plate recognition technology for automatic detection and enforcement of traffic violations.

Protecting your streets requires a proactive and data-driven approach. By understanding the dangers that exist and leveraging the power of technology, you can implement effective solutions to mitigate risks.


Data Based Solutions Are The Key To Creating Safer Streets.

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